Bishop O’Byrne Housing Association

Bishop O’Byrne Housing Association (BOBHA) has been meeting the needs of low-income seniors, older adults and small families since 1975. It strives to enhance the quality of life of tenants by providing a unique combination of affordable accommodation and a wide range of service options. This encourages social inclusion and community engagement, creating a vibrant environment for all.
Why do we need these buildings?

Low-income seniors make up 15% of seniors in Calgary and are at increased risk of social isolation. As the baby boomer population ages, the need for affordable and accessible housing for seniors is increasing rapidly. With family emergency shelters constantly over capacity, BOBHA is providing homes for both groups to ensure an inclusive, diverse community.

RESOLVE Projects
  • Pay off the mortgage on Columbus Place (which allows BOBHA to continue to offer low rents on a sustainable basis) and construct a new apartment building; both provide homes to seniors, older adults and small families with low income.
  • Columbus Place is home to 87 people and the new building will be home to approximately 118.
  • Tenants pay rent based on their income so that it’s affordable.


  • Columbus Place has an exercise room, computer room and space for classes. This means tenants have many activity options to choose from that are meaningful to them and promote independence, life-long learning and health.
  • Common areas provide a place to gather and socialize with other tenants.
  • The new building will follow a similar model.


  • Tenant Resource Person brings a variety of services/activities into the building or facilitates access to outside services
  • Volunteers, services and other seniors in the community invited to participate in activities to promote community integration and reduce isolation and loneliness
  • Help with creating individualized life and care plans

*Rendering and project features are subject to change

Gary McNamara, Chief Executive Officer

“If Calgary is to be a sustainable, world-class city we must be able to offer new residents access to safe and affordable housing. It almost seems like a truism doesn’t it? RESOLVE is the best way to make that a reality.” — Gary McNamara, Chief Executive Officer