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March 29, 2018

Projects of the Resolve Campaign

The faces of the Resolve Campaign reflect a new future for Calgary. It’s a future where there are fewer people needing homes and fewer vulnerable people on the cusp of homelessness. Resolve and its nine partner agencies have already helped thousands of homeless or near-homeless folks find shelter. The projects undertaken by these agencies include the following… Complete story >

March 29, 2018

Homeless share advice to end homelessness (VIDEO)

Over the past weeks the Calgary Herald and the Calgary Sun have been looking at the RESOLVE campaign and the quest to end homelessness in our city. Visual journalist Gavin Young spent some time in downtown Calgary talking to those who have recently found a home and some who are still searching. They shared advice not only for those in positions of power but also lessons for those still searching for a home. Complete story >

March 29, 2018

Fortney: Compassion, common sense at heart of Resolve Campaign to end homelessness (VIDEO)

She’s the first in her family to finish high school and the first to get a college diploma. In her small apartment at the 1010 Centre, Jessica McGaughey proudly displays those two diplomas on the wall, along with inspirational art. “The community here is amazing,” says the 25-year-old of the affordable housing building run by the Mustard Seed, a Calgary organization dedicated to serving people experiencing poverty and homelessness. “It’s definitely like another family.” Complete story >

March 29, 2018

Q and A: Homelessness in Calgary

As part of the Finding Home project, the Calgary Herrald invited readers to submit their questions about homelessness. Here are some of those questions, with answers from the Resolve Campaign. Complete story >

March 24, 2018

Arlene Adamson: Let’s ensure Calgary’s vulnerable seniors have a safe home

Calgary is a city so many of us are proud to call home. But our city is also the epicentre of homelessness in our province — a city where more than 3,000 Calgarians do not have a home and more than 14,000 households are at extreme risk of homelessness. The Resolve Campaign is a unique collaboration of nine partner agencies raising capital to create urgently needed affordable rental housing with support services for up to 3,000 homeless and vulnerable seniors, families, youth and people living with disabilities and/or mental health challenges. Complete story >

March 22, 2018

Finding Home: Resolve agencies inch closer to goal of housing 3,000 homeless Calgarians

Homelessness in Calgary has been a problem for decades, but back in the ’90s, the situation was reaching critical levels. The homeless population was growing by around 15 per cent every year, says Kathy Christiansen, executive director with Calgary Alpha House Society, who saw first-hand how not-for-profits and charitable organizations were fighting homeless in Calgary. When looking at the issue then and now, Christiansen says the biggest difference is not whom agencies are helping, but rather how they are helping. Complete story >

March 17, 2018

Snyder: The powerful effort to end homelessness needs your support

Ending homelessness. I’ve had many people ask me why I got involved in this challenging issue. More pointedly, they ask if progress has been made. I find the questions remarkably reassuring, as they indicate our community is aware of the need to, and want to, find solutions. And the simple answer is yes. Great progress is being made. The genesis of my involvement started a decade ago, when a small group of well-respected community leaders approached me to ask if I would head up a to-be-formed committee tasked with coming up with a plan to end homelessness in Calgary. Clearly, a significant challenge. Complete story >

March 16, 2018

Province dedicates $6M to affordable housing project in Calgary

New funding from the provincial government is going to assist a Calgary agency fighting homelessness, but the government is still tight-lipped about its response to a request for $22-million to help Calgarians in need of a home. The province has dedicated $6 million toward construction of the Bishop O’Byrne Housing Association’s Columbus Court project, which will provide affordable housing for around 250 vulnerable Calgarians. Complete story >

March 15, 2018

Finding Home: Calgary’s at-risk population goes beyond the ‘visible homeless’

When you think of a homeless Calgarian, what images come to mind? Do you see an unshaven man picking bottles along 17th Avenue S.W.? Maybe it’s someone holding a sign on 14th Street, asking for whatever change you can spare. These people are the “visible homeless,” but they make up only part of the city’s at-risk population, says Cheryl Hamelin, executive director of the Resolve Campaign. Complete story >

March 9, 2018

Finding Home: Housing the most vulnerable pays dividends to society (VIDEO)

After losing his job as a charitable fundraiser, Michael White’s world began to fall apart. His friendly landlord passed away. He was evicted from his downtown apartment. He was without a job and without a home. It was the start of a desperate four months for the B.C. native, who was also struggling with seizures caused by a childhood head injury. Complete story >

March 8, 2018

Getting a home: the opportunity to rebuild a life

Calgary’s homebuilders have been significant supporters of Calgary’s Resolve Campaign to battle homelessness. One builder, Homes by Avi, presented this compelling video (click here to watch), documenting the need for affordable housing and telling the story of how a new home allowed one Calgarian the opportunity to rebuild his life. Complete story >

March 8, 2018

Scarce rental units and boom times made Calgary a homeless hub (VIDEO)

Calgary has long been ground zero for homelessness in Alberta. Homeless rates are higher here than in Edmonton largely because of a relative lack of rental housing in Calgary, say academics and anti-poverty advocates. “It’s the availability of rental,” says Tim Richter, president of the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness. “We were tearing stuff down to build condos and shiny glass buildings.” Complete story >

March 8, 2018

Jim Gray: Now is the time to ensure our vulnerable neighbours have a place to call home

The clock is ticking for the Resolve Campaign. With just a month left in active fundraising, we need your help, Calgary. It’s been a tough time in our city, economically, these past few years. We watched Calgary’s downtown core empty out while the price of oil dropped and budget cuts had to be made. The entire city has felt it. But, as a long-time Calgarian and businessman, I am proud to say that many individuals and companies, including many from the energy sector, found a way to help solve an ever-persistent social issue – the lack of affordable rental housing with support services for homeless and vulnerable Calgarians – by supporting the Resolve Campaign. Complete story >

March 2, 2018

Finding Home: A trail-blazing campaign to defeat homelessness in Calgary enters final lap (VIDEO)

The battle to build affordable housing isn’t an easy fight, but the challenges faced and victories achieved in the past six years have tested and proven Calgary’s grit, determination and values, say those in its trenches. Inspired by Calgary’s campaign to end homelessness in a decade, a group of nine social agencies decided six years ago there was strength in numbers and collaboration when it came to defeating a common enemy. Complete story >

March 2, 2018

Finding Home: When rebuilding a life, it’s housing first, then everything else follows (VIDEO)

In 2002, Bob Patrick’s good life abruptly came crashing down. The successful sales representative suffered a massive anxiety attack that landed him in the hospital. “My wife left me and I had to strike out on my own, but I didn’t do so well,” said Patrick, 58. While he was in the hospital, his wife left him with nothing and when his attempts to rebuild his life were met with frustration, he spiralled ever further into depression and other mental illnesses. Complete story >

March 1, 2018

Finding Home: A special report on homelessness in Calgary and the Resolve Campaign (VIDEO)

The need for a roof over one’s head is a basic human necessity, yet thousands of fellow citizens go without every night. More than 3,000 Calgarians are without a home and thousands more are vulnerable, meaning that without assistance or affordable housing they, too, could face homelessness. The issue is complex one, with myriad factors contributing to the problem. Illnesses, physical limitations, mental health issues and addictions can lead people down the path of homelessness, as can personal crises, poverty and discrimination. Complete story >

February 5, 2018

The Maple breaks ground as part of the Resolve Campaign

Homes by Avi Group of Companies has turned shovels for a development that will provide 26 homeless and vulnerable Calgarians with the permanent, supportive housing they need. An event was held recently to celebrate the builder breaking ground for the Maple, an apartment building in the inner-city neighbourhood of Renfrew. Complete story >


January 29, 2018

The RESOLVE campaign enters its final year

The RESOLVE campaign is entering its final months and is still looking for donations to help finish the campaign strong. “We have raised about $70 million, which has allowed us to house 1,592 homeless, vulnerable Calgarians,” said Cheryl Hamelin, executive director of the RESOLVE campaign. In collaboration with Calgary’s 10-year plan to end homelessness [Calgary’s Plan], the RESOLVE campaign focuses on a “housing first strategy.” Complete story >

January 27, 2018

Avi Urban unveils new RESOLVE project

The Homes by Avi Group of Companies, in conjunction with the Government of Alberta, the Calgary Homeless Foundation, RESOLVE Campaign and HomeSpace Society, has unveiled The Maple, a multi-family Avi Urban project containing 26 individuals units in Renfrew, as the newest contribution to the RESOLVE Campaign. Complete story >

January 16, 2018

RESOLVE to make home a reality for all Calgarians

In December 2017, we saw a five-day challenge pop-up across social media to #spreadgoodyyc with the intention to carry it forward into everyday and into the new year. Whether or not you participated in the five-day challenge, you or your organization can kick off the new year by spreading good. The RESOLVE Campaign is among many campaigns that is ongoing and strives to eliminate homelessness in Calgary. Complete story >

December 21, 2017

Home for vulnerable, impoverished women officially opens on bittersweet note

Celebrations to mark the opening of a multi-unit home for homeless, substance-addicted women was marred by the death of one of its tenants. The woman’s death Wednesday night points to the realities of substance abuse, mental health and poverty issues that the new $4.7-million building aims to address, said Kathy Christiansen, executive director of the Alpha House Society, which operates the Albert Park residence. Complete story >

December 19, 2017

Resolve Campaign striving to help thousands of Calgarians

The Resolve Campaign is hoping people will make a holiday donation so they can build affordable rental housing and support services. They said it’s urgently needed by up to 3,000 homeless and vulnerable Calgarians. Campaign organizers said they are in the final four months of fundraising and they have enough money right now to provide help to close to 1,600 people. Complete story >


December 2, 2017

Incentives wanted for inclusionary housing

The new Municipal Government Act (MGA) includes legislation for inclusionary housing. The consensus is not whether inclusionary housing will happen but when, and in what form. The legislation means that, sometime in the near future in Alberta, specified new developments must have a certain percentage of units that are identified as affordable housing and sold/rented for less than market value. Complete story >

December 2, 2017

Celebrating 21 years of philanthropy in Calgary

There was a time our beloved city was ranked the most philanthropic metropolis in North America (on a per-capita basis). We’ve lost those bragging rights, but make no mistake. Calgarians are still among the most generous citizens on the planet. One need look no further for evidence than those individuals and organizations honoured with the Generosity of Spirit Awards at the National Philanthropy Day luncheon Nov. 15 in the BMO Centre at Stampede Park. Hosted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Calgary and Area Chapter, the inspirational event has been saluting those who give of their time, talent and treasure for 21 years. Complete story >

December 1, 2017

Meet the developer behind Calgary’s first fully automated apartments for people with disabilities

The push of a button or a simple voice command can turn on the lights, adjust the temperature, open blinds and change the TV channel — all thanks to a Calgary developer who has found a way to fully automate daily tasks to help people with limited mobility live independently. His technology will be used the city’s first fully automated assisted living apartment building, Inclusio. Complete story >

November 15, 2017

Shaw Charity Classic tops $22 million charitable giving

Canadians made a major mark on the fifth anniversary of Calgary’s Shaw Charity Classic by chipping in to raise a record $8,391,413 for 159 youth-based charities across Alberta. The fifth straight record-setting donation for any event on the PGA TOUR Champions now brings the award-winning tournament’s fundraising totals to more than $22.1 million. Complete story >

November 10, 2017

Jay Westman’s philanthropy celebrated with prestigious award

Known as a pacesetter in Calgary’s residential industry, Jay Westman is now being lauded for his leading work in a different role. The chairman and CEO of Jayman Built — a longtime contributor to a variety of causes in the city — will this week be celebrated as the recipient of the 2017 Doc Seaman Individual Philanthropist Award through the Association of Fundraising Professionals Calgary and Area Chapter Generosity of Spirit Awards. Complete story >

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November 4, 2017

Homelessness unmasked at Seeds of Hope Gala

Shocking as it may seem, homelessness exists in Calgary on a surprisingly large scale. But thanks to the success of The Mustard Seed’s annual Seeds of Hope Gala, hope and dignity can be restored to those in our community who need it most. The gala is a true testament to the strength of our city and the legacy of care and compassion that the Seed offers men and women experiencing homelessness and poverty. Complete story >

October 19, 2017

Resolution and RESOLVE

Mental health struggles and associated financial troubles tore Bob Patrick’s world apart. But getting a big break on rent several years ago was key to him rebuilding his life. “I was trapped and didn’t know what to do or where to go and then mental illness kicked in and it was a downward spiral,” the 57-year-old says. Complete story >

September 26, 2017

Belief in the importance of philanthropy started at a young age for businessman Jim Gray

Well-known Calgary businessman Jim Gray learned the importance of giving at an early age. Gray grew up in Kirkland Lake, Ont., and his father was in charge of the Children’s Aid Society there. “It always impacted me that he was working with young children, homeless families and things of this nature even though I didn’t realize it at the time,” says Gray, this year’s recipient of the Association of Fundraising Professionals Calgary and Area Chapter’s Lifetime Philanthropist Award. Complete story >

August 18, 2017

Parker: Trico Homes has much on its community plate

One block north of 16th Avenue at the corner of 8th Street N.W., Trico Homes construction crews are already working at street level on a new 44-unit residential building that addresses the need for affordable and accessible housing in Calgary. Complete story >

August 9, 2017

Strength in numbers: Calgary is coming together to win the war on homelessness

What a difference a year can make. The City of Calgary launched its affordable housing strategy in July 2016, aiming for a more unified approach to building more housing for low-income individuals and families. Since then, a lot has happened, according to groups that provide housing for low-income Calgarians. Complete story >

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June 28, 2017

Alberta 150: The software guru, the skier and the builders

In honour of Canada’s sesquicentennial, Alberta media outlets are profiling 150 Albertans who helped shape our province and Canada. Those profiled included Alberta homebuilders, including the group of homebuilders who are collaborating in support of the RESOLVE Campaign. Complete story >

Donations for Chrissy Archibald continue to pour in with #ChrissySentMe effort

A memorial for Chrissy grows at Calgary Alpha House Society, where Chrissy worked as a social worker and where her family asked donations be made. Kathy Christiansen said Monday $30,000 has been raised through the #ChrissySentMe initiative. “This is the perfect antidote to difficult things, to hatred, is this outpouring of kindness. And I think people have grasped onto that,” she said. Complete story >

March 13, 2017

‘I am more than my criminal record’: New Calgary campaign looks beyond job seekers’ pasts

A new campaign aims to reduce stigma for Calgarians with criminal records who are looking for jobs. The Calgary John Howard Society launched a public education initiative called “I Am More Than My Criminal Record” earlier this month. “This campaign is about showcasing these individuals’ lives and who they think they are and giving voice to them,” said Cristina Amaro Benzaquen, employment partnership specialist at the society, to the Calgary Eyeopener. Complete story >

December 4, 2016

Calgary Herald Christmas Fund 2016: Helping others to heal

The Calgary Alpha House Society, a recipient of the 2016 Calgary Herald Christmas Fund has been providing a safe and caring environment for men and women with alcohol and drug addictions for more than three decades. Kathy Christiansen, Executive Director of Calgary Alpha House Society believes in letting the client lead the way in their recovery process, she says “I thin it is all about human dignity and meeting people where they’re at.” Because half of their client base is of indigenous background, much of Christiansen’s focus has been on expanding her team’s offerings to incorporate such cultural traditions as sweat lodges, smudge ceremonies and sharing circles. “When people are connected to the sources helpful to them, they begin to make better decisions for themselves,” says Christiansen. “People are complex,” she says. “In order for them to even begin healing, we must first build trusting relationships,” a process, she adds, that takes time and requires assistance on everything from housing to getting to the heart of an individual’s addiction. Helping others to heal — whether from a traumatic life event, a mental illness or addiction — is a task not for the faint of heart. Complete story >

December 2, 2016

Calgary Homeless Count (Interview with Diana Krecsy)

Calgary Homeless Count – Where Calgary’s homeless numbers are at and what needs to happen to get them to stay low. On-air interview with Diana Krecsy, President and CEO of the Calgary Homeless Foundation. Complete story >

December 2, 2016

RESOLVE, StreetSide bring new beginnings with first fully accessible building

On Nov. 24, the RESOLVE Campaign, Calgary Homeless Foundation, StreetSide Developments: A Qualico Company, and Calgary Alpha House Society unveiled Aurora on the Park in the city’s northwest, providing fully accessible, permanent rental housing with supports for 25 formerly homeless and vulnerable Calgarians. “People who have lived in homelessness for a long time, many have disabilities,” says Diana Krecsy, president and CEO, Calgary Homeless Foundation. “This type of unity, where we’re getting people out of homelessness into age appropriate, mobility appropriate supports…it’s a new beginning,” Krecsy continued. Complete story >

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November 30, 2016

Calgary’s Mustard Seed says it is in critical need of donations

The Mustard Seed has put out a plea for donations, as they said they cannot keep up with the growing needs of homeless men and women in Calgary. They explained that the organization usually receives a majority of their donations over the holidays, but with the current economic conditions in our city, donations were down last year. That, combined with the increasing need in their emergency shelters, has compounded the problem. On The Mustard Seed’s wishlist of most needed items is: socks, underwear, toothbrushes and toothpaste. All donations can be made at all Calgary London Drugs locations until Dec. 24th. Complete story >

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November 29, 2016

Calgary Homeless count results show numbers continue to decline

The 3,222 people on Calgary’s streets reflects an 11 per cent decline since 2008. On a per capita basis, that’s actually a decline of 26 per cent since 2008. The count was conducted as part of a province-wide count in Alberta’s seven largest cities. The province-wide numbers show that Calgary is becoming a hub for the homeless, despite the decrease. While the 2014 count showed Calgary had 54 per cent of the total provincial homeless population on that night, this year’s count shows Calgary represents 60 per cent of the total provincial count of 5,373. The Calgary Homeless Foundation will release a detailed report on the count early in the New Year. Complete story >

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November 25, 2016

Here are the agencies you will help by donating to the 2016 Christmas Fund

The recipients of the 2016 Christmas Fund includes Calgary Alpha House Society and Silvera for Seniors. For Alpha House, this year’s donations from the Calgary Herald Christmas Fund will go toward programs that engage clients in addiction recovery through cultural reconnection with Aboriginal ceremony, sweat lodge, drumming, sharing circles and working with plant-based medicines and traditional ways. For Silvera for Seniors, the donations will go towards its services that directly impact the quality of live among seniors addressing critical social issues in Calgary, such as homelessness, isolation, depression and malnutrition. Complete story >

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October 27, 2016

Shane Homes founder inducted into Calgary Business Hall of Fame

Cal Wenzel, a 37-year Calgary homebuilder, who founded Shane homes in 1979 is known for his tireless work ethic and commitment to giving back, has been honoured for his achievements in business, and is now a member of the Calgary Business Hall of Fame. He and fellow inductees, RGO Office Products president Ross Glen, ATCO founder Ron Southern, and ARC Financial founder Mac Van Wielingen were celebrated during a gala event at the Hyatt Regency earlier this month. Shane Homes has made contributions to causes including Kinsmen Children’s Hospital Home Lotto, the RESOLVE Campaign, Calgary Stampede, SAIT Polytechnic’s Trade and Technology Complex, Calgary Minor Soccer Association, various community centres and the Peanut Butter Classic. Complete story >

October 25, 2016

Focus on Leadership – RGO products believes in community support

If a company can reap what it sows, then the continued success of RGO Products Ltd. is a well-earned reward for decades of dedication to community. RGO has contributed to man local charities and non-profit organizations over the past five decades. Beneficiaries have included Calgary performing arts, the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, SAIT, Bow Valley College, Calgary Junior Achievement, the Calgary Zoo, the City of Calgary, Heritage Park, Calgary Humane Society and the RESOLVE Campaign. Complete story >

October 25, 2016

Focus on Leadership – Trico embraces accessible housing

The leadership at Trico Homes believes everyone deserves a safe, healthy and affordable place to live. That’s why the Trico team set its collective sights on becoming part of the solution for those who do not have access to such a home in Calgary. Construction will soon begin on the Delaney, a 44-unit residential building in Mount Pleasant. The Delaney will be a rental building that addresses the need for affordable and accessible housing in Calgary. “In addition, the Delaney has over 3,000 square feet of commercial space that will be leased a ta below-market rate to Accessible Housing.” Trico was provided with a $2.5 million Housing Capital Initiatives grant from the Alberta Government to help fund the project. The grant allows Trico to include 12 below-market-rate rental apartments in the building, with 10 of them also being barrier-free and designated for Accessible Housing. Complete story >

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October 21, 2016

Homeless numbers falling in Alberta

Advocacy groups hope that Alberta can prove to be a model for the rest of Canada after recent data showed that homelessness in the province has gone down, even while the national average has trended upwards. According to data from 2014’s homeless count, there are over 6,000 people sleeping on the streets in the province, a figure that’s been dropping for a while. Even with Alberta’s depressed economy, officials know that the number of homeless in Alberta is dropping. Numbers aren’t in for this year yet, but Diana Krecsy, President and CEO of the Calgary Homeless Foundation says we are down over 17 per cent. “It really helps us a lot, plan for the future and invest in the right things, so we are actually helping people get out of homelessness,” she said. Complete story >

October 21, 2016

Volunteers conduct Calgary homeless count

Over one hundred volunteers met at City Hall to conduct a Point-in-Time homeless count. The count gives agencies a snapshot of the current homeless situation. President and CEO of the Calgary Homeless Foundation, Diana Krecsy thinks we will see a drop in numbers this year. “We’re going to see a slight reduction in the homeless count because of the economic downturn. The people who were the working poor don’t have those jobs now so they’ve moved to those cities where they can get jobs, but hey move into shelters in those provinces.” Complete story >

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October 11, 2016

Horizon Housing CFEP Grant

Greg Clark, MLA Calgary Elbow said it’s great to present Horizon Housing Society with a Community Facility Enhancement Program cheque to support a new elevator at the Bob Ward Residence. Complete story >

October 7, 2016

RESOLVE Campaign delivers Providence House to provide shelter

Morrison Homes has finished construction on a building that will help 24 homeless and vulnerable women in Calgary. Providence House in Crescent Heights is the second new construction project to open through the RESOLVE Campaign. The building is owned by the Calgary Homeless Foundation, and 24 hour on-site tenant support will be provided the the YWCA of Calgary. Complete story >

October 1, 2016

Sculpture by Jane Seymour unveiled at event in support of Calgary charities

Residents in the community Legacy have a new public art piece thanks to artist and actress Jane Seymour. The unveiling included a $25,000 donation from WestCreek Developments to the RESOLVE Campaign. The sculpture, titled “Open Hearts Icon,” is an original piece by Seymour. Kim O’Brien with Horizon Housing Society – one of the nine Partners in the RESOLVE Campaign – said the donation will go towards the development of 160 units of affordable housing in Calgary. “Especially now in these times, so many of us can appreciate the simply security of knowing we have a home,” O’Brien said. “And the support of Calgarians has been so uplifting.” Complete story >

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September 29, 2016

New affordable housing complex opens for vulnerable and homeless women

On Sept. 29th, representatives from Morrison Homes, the YWCA of Calgary, the RESOLVE Campaign, the Calgary Homeless Foundation and guests gathered to celebrate the opening of Providence House. The newly constructed building will offer affordable and supported rental housing to 24 homeless and vulnerable women in Calgary. By offering integrated, on-site access to social support services on a 24-7 basis, residents are given the foundation needed to restart and rebuild their lives. Complete story >

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September 16, 2016

Alberta government funding transition housing for former inmates

The NDP government is putting $3 million towards a new housing project to help former federal inmates to transition back to society. The funding, announced by Human Services Minister Irfan Sabir, will go to a new permanent home for the John Howard Society’s Bedford House, which houses men over the age of 18 who have been referred by the Correctional Services of Canada. The provincial dollars come on top of funding raised by the philanthropic organization RESOLVE. The new location for the home is in the Manchester industrial area, replacing a facility near Stampede Park. Once completed, it will have 32 beds and on-site supports. The project is supported by the Calgary Police Service, with deputy chief Trevor Daroux saying Bedford House helps reduce recidivism rates, crime, social disorder and victimization. Complete story >

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September 12, 2016

Foundation gives $1 million to support Calgary affordable housing initiative

The Z Zurich Foundation, the charity arm of the Zurich insurance company, has gifted a $1 million donation to the RESOLVE Campaign. The $1 million contribution will be given over three years and will be designated to The Mustard Seed’s 1010 Centre to help retire its mortgage. “A gift of this magnitude will not only benefit hundreds of men and women by providing them with homes of their own, it will also strengthen the community and move us that much closer to ending homelessness,” said Stephen Wile, CEO of The Mustard Seed. In addition to providing the donation, Zurich Canada said its employees will stay connected to the Campaign by volunteering their expertise in HR, IT, project management and communications. Complete story >

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September 8, 2016

Affordable, barrier-free housing project breaks ground in northwest Calgary – 45-bed facility in Capital Hill made possible by $5.6M donation

Construction of a new accessible housing facility in northwest Calgary got underway with a groundbreaking ceremony. The building will provide affordable housing for 45 people with limited mobility. A $5.6-million donation from Bill Kujat of Safeway Holdings, Bob Harris of Centron Group of Companies, Charlie Guille of Cougar Contractors Ltd. and Ross Glen of RGO Office Products and their families helped make the project possible. Charlie Guille donated an additional $1 million before he passed away this spring, bringing the combined total to $6.6 million. Funding also came from the Alberta government, BMO Financial Group, Trico Homes and other donors. Construction is expected to be finished by late 2017, or early 2018. Complete story >

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July 22, 2016

Fentanyl remains significant concern for Alberta Health Services as number of deaths shows little change

This year is looking to be as costly as the last in terms of fentanyl-related deaths in Alberta, officials say the street-level drug scourge remains a significant concern. Kathy Christiansen, Executive Director of the Calgary Alpha House Society said approximately four per cent of their clients use the street drug. The Alpha House team has been trained to use naloxone kits, an opioid overdose antidote and the organization has the kits available in their shelter and in their vans. Naloxone has been seeing more use and has been saving more lives since it was made readily available in Alberta. Complete story >

July 16, 2016

Braul: We can do a better job of caring for our seniors

Many senior with complex care needs are being housed in hospitals because we cannot provide proper supportive accommodations in the community. Changes to long-term care regulations would help to ease the problem of so-called bed blockers and result in more varied residential options that better meet the care needs of the individual. With 400 to 600 bed blockers at any given time, the cost to Albertans is approximately $175 million per year. The government’s response has been to build costly large public long-term care facilities, instead of relaxing the institutional standards for construction so that it would be reasonable and attainable for non-profit housing organizations like Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta (TPFA) to construct buildings to the B3 building codes that adhere to all of the fire and safety systems, but would reduce the construction costs by 20- 25 per cent. Complete story >

July 16, 2016

Stepping Stone Manor set to open for city’s homeless

The first project completed for the Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF), through the RESOLVE Campaign is ready to open its doors. Stepping Stone Manor, a 30-unit assisted-living apartment building has on-site supports provided by the Calgary John Howard Society (CJHS) and is funded by donors, grants committed by the provincial government, and built by Cedarglen Living Inc. as part of a “Visionary” level gift to the RESOLVE Campaign will be the future home to Calgarians experiencing or vulnerable to homelessness. Complete story >

July 15, 2016

New program assists low-income Albertans

Sponsor Energy has launched a new initiative to help people dealing with energy poverty. The initiative, H.E.L.P., stands for ‘Home Energy Low-Income Program’ has a direct partnership with “the YWCA an all of their low-income housing, Calgary Homeless Foundation, Airdrie Food Bank, Children’s Link, Hull Services, The Alex. So we can work with groups, to work with their clients, who may be struggling and in need of such a program,” said their CEO Carolyn Martin. Complete story >

July 12, 2016

Fundraiser reduced to one day due to money troubles

The Calgary Homeless Foundation’s Stampede Party with a Purpose was once a three day country music event featuring five country music artists was reduced to just one day because of the economy. Sharon deBoer Fyie with the Calgary Homeless Foundation says it’s a challenging time in the city right now, but the party, featuring George Canyon, Jordan McIntosh, Dan Davidson, Matt Blais and Aaron Pollock is an example of artists and organizations working together for the greater good. Complete story >

July 12, 2016

Housing agency brings Stampede spirit to fixed-income Calgarians

Spending a day at the Calgary Stampede can be a pricey proposition for a lot of people. Horizon Housing Society celebrated their annual Stampede barbecue with more than 300 of their fixed-income tenants who otherwise might not have had the opportunity to participate in Stampede celebrations. Complete story >

June 28, 2016

A new project creates more affordable housing in Calgary

Stepping Stone Manor is now ready to open its doors. The apartment will provide permanent rental housing with supports for 30 homeless and vulnerable Calgarians. RESOLVE Campaign Chair, and President and CEO of Brookfield Residential Properties, Alan Norris, outlined the homebuilders’ commitment to build a series of purpose-built apartments as one step toward ending homelessness in Calgary. “No one gets up in the morning and says I want to be homeless and we wanted to help,” said Scott Haggins, CEO of Cedarglen Living Inc., the builder who developed Stepping Stone Manor. Complete story >

June 28, 2016

Economic slowdown not impacting efforts to end homelessness

The Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) says the economic downturn has not derailed the effort to end homelessness in Calgary. At CHF’s AGM, CEO Diana Krecsy says almost 1,000 people were transitioned from the streets and into homes last year. “In one year, just under a thousand people that were homeless that now have a home with the supports necessary to maintain it. Our challenges now are getting enough housing stock, getting rental support and getting it affordable so that we can move people into housing and have the coordinated supports.” Complete story >

June 27, 2016

New independent not-for-profit will manage housing portfolio

The Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) announced the Calgary Community Land Trust Society (CCLT) will become self-governed and independent from CHF starting this fall. The CCLT will take over CHF’s $50 million housing portfolio and will manage those properties, which are for vulnerable populations. The CCLT will have a mandate to accelerate the build-out of specialized, integrated housing to serve the homeless and will work with other not-for-profits and housing groups to keep housing for the homeless moving forward. Complete story >

June 24, 2016

Over-Under. Housing officials cite increasing rates of overcrowding in Calgary’s housing market

Housing experts say a soft labour pool brought upon by weak economic conditions is partly to blame for increasing rates of overcrowding, or “underhousing” in Calgary homes. With the economic downturn, “we know fundamentally that number is up. It’s hard to get a handle; people are one paycheque away (from homelessness” or aren’t in appropriate housing. And the current economic climate (as well as) social issues are impacting the need. But the need has always been urgent,” said Sheryl Barlage, Executive Director of the RESOLVE Campaign. The $120-million RESOLVE Campaign has seen a building for the Calgary Homeless Foundation completed, while others are in the position of seeing shovels going into the ground. Complete story >

June 22, 2016

Former addict conducts sweat ceremonies to help others recover

Brad Fisher was named the inspiring Albertan this week. Fisher works outreach at the Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary, an organization that partners with Alpha House to help those whose lives are affected by alcohol and drug dependencies. Fisher uses traditional Aboriginal ceremonies. Kathy Christiansen, Executive Director of Alpha House said Fisher is able to connect with clients and inspire them, because he has been where they are. Complete story >

June 16, 2016

Province kicks in $4M for affordable, accessible housing in Calgary – Money is part of $13-million fund announced in the budget to help ease shortage

The Government of Alberta is contributing $4 million toward the building of Accessible Housing’s new 45-unit affordable housing complex for people with mobility issues in northwest Calgary. “It’s a huge investment by the government of Alberta to basically say that everyone ought to belong,” said Jeff Dyer, Executive Director of Accessible Housing. Complete story >

June 6, 2016

Mustard Seed asks for bottled water donations to help homeless Calgarians beat the heat – ‘People experiencing poverty and homelessness are very much at risk because of the heat’

The Mustard Seed is asking Calgarians to donate bottled water to help the city’s less fortunate. The rising temperatures means men and women on the streets are in danger of dehydration, exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses. Complete story >

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June 3, 2016

Gilchrist Manor independent living facility for low-income seniors opens in Calgary – Advocates say the new building fills a growing and vital need

Silvera for Seniors cut the ribbon on Gilchrist Manor, a new 61-unit independent living facility for low-income seniors in the community of Pineridge in northeast Calgary. Advocates are calling affordable seniors’ housing an urgent issue, as there are 515,000 seniors in Alberta and that number is expected to reach well over one million by 2030. Complete story >

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May 27, 2016

Shane Homes’ ground-breaking to add 23 units to project to house homeless

The 37-year veteran, Shane Homes, started construction on Prelude in Radisson Heights, which is the fourth building to break ground through the RESOLVE Campaign. Complete story >

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May 21, 2016

Donors RESOLVE to pay off affordable housing mortgages

The Calgary Homeless Foundation’s Acadia Place and The Mustard Seed’s Beltline Apartment are now mortgage free, thanks to generous donors to the RESOLVE campaign. Complete story >

May 2, 2016

Conference Leads the Way to Transformative Action in Ending Homelessness

The Alberta Way Home: Transformative Action in Ending Homelessness, sponsored by the 7 cities on Housing and Homelessness and hosted by the Calgary Homeless Foundation will feature leaders, researchers, front-line staff, individuals with lived experience and government representatives, gathering to share best practices, new approaches and innovative successes on ending homelessness. Complete story >

April 26, 2016
Program that helped Calgary homeless with medical issues terminated

The ARCH program officially ended March 31. It was funded mainly by the Calgary Homeless Foundation and administered through The Mustard Seed. ARCH provided housing assistance and other support to single adult men and women with mental health and addictions issues, with special focus on medical needs. Complete story >

April 23, 2016
Homeless veterans: helping those who have fallen behind

Veterans Affairs has confirmed an Emergency Trust Fund specifically for Canadian veterans in crisis has been depleted. This interruption could affect the help some homeless veterans will receive, putting more pressure on shelters and other emergency services. While Veterans Affairs do offer some benefits, charities and non-profits have stepped in to fill the gaps. The Madison,operated by Alpha House, in large part with provincial funding has shown to save the system money. It costs almost $2,000 to operate a shelter bed each month. Veterans cost the system over $88,000 in costs associated with accessing shelters and over $500,000 can be saved by intervening in homelessness. Complete story >

April 20, 2016
Federal government pouring billions into social housing

The social housing advocates are applauding the 2016 federal budget because it pours billions of dollars into providing new construction and upgrading facilities for a wide range of homeless individuals and also offers up new loan incentives to private developers and municipalities. “This federal government expenditure recognizes that affordable housing is a core infrastructure for Canadians,” said Diana Krecsy, president and CEO of the Calgary Homeless Foundation. Complete story >

April 19, 2016
Budget 2016: Support for vulnerable Albertans

The Alberta Government’s Budget 2016: Alberta Jobs Plan represents a significant step forward in combating Alberta’s affordable housing shortages. With $892 million allocated to build more affordable housing and renew existing housing in Alberta and $148 million over five years earmarked for Calgary, we will continue to move forward in reaching the goals of Calgary’s Plan to End Homelessness: People First in Housing First. Since 2008, CHF has built a portfolio of 360 housing units with an additional 125 units coming on stream this year. Funding is also in place for approximately 115 additional units by 2018 through the RESOLVE Campaign–a multi-agency, first of its kind in Canada, capital campaign to raise funds for affordable housing. Complete story >

April 19, 2016
Shane and Cal Wenzel and the management team share what’s new at Shane Homes – Part 1

Shane Homes is one of the growing list of Calgary homebuilders that has pledged a Visionary gift to the RESOLVE Campaign. The homebuilder’s donation, together with Provincial funding will build eight apartment buildings of similar design in different locations around Calgary, as well as additional projects for homeless families and singles. Shane Homes will tentatively be starting construction on the “Prelude in Radisson Heights” building in May 2016. Complete story >

April 15, 2016
New Habitat duplexes built barrier-free on main level

Families with children in wheelchairs were top of mind in the design of a duplex by Habitat for Humanity in northeast Calgary. Habitat for Humanity partnered with Accessible Housing to incorporate floor plan features that cater to a barrier-free home. Complete story >

April 14, 2016

Alberta budget bets $8.5B in infrastructure spending will spur economy

Affordable housing construction and refurbishment received a significant injection, with the government now planning to spend $892 million over five years — a $500-million increase over last fall’s budget. Nearly one-quarter of that money, $233 million, is allocated in the 2016-17 plan. Diana Krescy, CEO of the Calgary Homeless Foundation, noted about two-thirds, or $582 million, of the funding would be spend on maintaining and fixing Alberta’s aging stock of affordable housing units. “That exemplifies how, over time, how eroded the affordable and social housing has become,” Krescy said. Complete story >

April 6, 2016
Stampede Party with a Purpose planned to help Calgary charities

Stampede Party with a Purpose is a three day event hosted by Civic on Third and features seven recording artists including; George Canyon, Alee, Jordan McIntosh, Matt Blais, Dan Davidson, Matt Masters and Aaron Pollock. One-hundred per cent of the proceeds from the initiative will help three Calgary charities: the Calgary Homeless Foundation, Keys to Recovery and Dil Walk Foundation. Complete story >

March 30, 2016
Real impact of recession still to come: Calgary Homeless Foundation

As the prime minister promises EI benefits will go to those who need it most, the Calgary Homeless Foundation is warning the city isn’t yet seeing the full impact of the economic downturn. While shelter numbers were down this past winter, those figures are deceiving. Complete story >

March 27, 2016
Genesis donates $100K to schools and charities

Genesis Builders Group has donated more than $100,000 to schools and charities in the Calgary area, including a $5,000 gift to the Calgary Homeless Foundation. “The support that we have received from companies like Genesis Builders has been essential in our work to end homelessness and in helping vulnerable Calgarians achieve a better quality of life,” said Diana Krecsy, President & CEO, Calgary Homeless Foundation. Complete story >

March 24, 2016
Federal budget commits to creating a Canadians with Disabilities Act

The federal budget unveiled this week includes a promise to eliminate barriers for Canadians living with disabilities by introducing a national disabilities act — a document advocates have long said is needed. “It remains to be seen right now what (the act) will look like, but if it mirrors something along the lines of what we see in the U.S. or Ontario, there’s great hope it will have a levelling effect for people with disabilities,” said Jeff Dyer, executive director at Accessible Housing Calgary. Complete story >

March 23, 2016
Calgary Homeless Foundation applauds federal funding for affordable housing – Federal government announces nationwide $2.3B investment over two years

The federal government announced it will invest $2.3B over two years for affordable housing initiatives across the country. Diana Krecsy, president and CEO of the Calgary Homeless Foundation said, “As a nation, we need to start treating affordable housing and housing for those in need as core infrastructure.” Krecsy continued, “So now I want to see how much [is coming] to Alberta, how quickly is it going to flow, and that we have systems in place so that it’s getting to those organizations that are delivering affordable housing that is meeting the needs of our most vulnerable.” Complete story >

March 18, 2016
Share your thoughts: Making Calgary better for children with special needs

The Calgary Herald asked parents, politicians, academics, and a range of community members: How can we make a better Calgary for children with special needs. Jeff Dyer, executive director at Accessible Housing answered by saying “Homes are foundational. They are a base where kids grow, rest and dream. Calgary must create homes that are adaptable, safe and appropriate for growing children and their families to help empower and enable them instead of confining and isolating them. Let’s not build another accessible playground until every child has an appropriate home where they can thrive.” Complete story >

March 16, 2016
CHF welcomes new board member, Dr. David Ross

Dr. David Ross came to the Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) Board of Director’s with a deep understanding and appreciation of our collective responsibility to take care of one another, especially people living on the margins. Complete story >

March 12, 2016
Stepping Stone Manor marks the first RESOLVE Campaign building completed

Construction is complete at Stepping Stone Manor by Cedarglen Living, which is the first building through the RESOLVE Campaign. RESOLVE is a program that has set out to raise $120 million to create affordable housing for 3,000 homeless and vulnerable Calgarians. It involves nine social agencies and has received funding through government, the business community and individual donors. Complete story >

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March 8, 2016
Yedlin: Kolias exemplifies business, community leadership

The U of C’s Haskayne School of Business has named Sam Kolias as the recipient of its Distinguished Business Leader Award. Kolias’ philanthropy is focused on finding a place for those in need, including his support for the Calgary Homeless Foundation and the RESOLVE Campaign. Complete story >

March 3, 2016

CJSW Salutes The Alpha House

Matt Knapik of the Charmers’ Almanac speaks to Kathy Christiansen and Adam Melnyk from the Calgary Alpha House Society discuss how they aim to help the marginalized populations of Calgary who live in the streets and experience addictions and their RESOLVE Campaign project. Complete story >

February 24, 2016

‘Blindsided’ volunteers worry after charity ends homeless shelter program in churches

Inn From the Cold offered homeless Calgarians a temporary shelter at participating churches and community halls for 19 years, has now stopped the community inn program. They believe the guests, who often require addictions and mental illness support, are better served at other shelters, such as the Calgary Drop-In Centre and The Mustard Seed. Complete story >

February 22, 2016
CHF is pleased to welcome Dr. David Ross, Jeff Boyd and Brian Pincott to its Board of Directors

The Calgary Homeless Foundation is pleased to welcome Dr. David Ross, Jeff Boyd and Brian Pincott to its Board of Directors. These individuals bring extensive experience and understanding for not-for-profit governance, the value of public/private partnerships and a keen desire to give back to their community. Complete story >

February 19, 2016
Calgary walk for homeless aims for $125K – Challenge this year to come from precipitation forecast, not cold

The annual Coldest Night of the Year walk gives people a taste of life on the streets during winter, while raising money for communities accross Canada. The Mustard Seed and Calgary Homeless Foundation are two of several organizations that benefit from the money the walk raises. Complete story >

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February 16, 2016
Plunging rental rates in Calgary open up new opportunities for working poor

Kevin McNichol, vice-president strategy for the Calgary Homeless Foundation, said the easier access to rental markets does help a certain segment of the homeless and working poor population.“But there is still a very large group where things still don’t change. Those on fixed incomes, facing mental health issues, addictions. Those still functioning outside of economic and social norms.” Complete story >

February 11, 2016
How the Calgary Motor Dealers Association (CMDA) gives back to community

The Calgary Motor Dealers Association (CMDA) is a non-profit organization representing 78 franchised dealers in Calgary, and while they are in business to sell vehicles, they also believe in giving back to the community. Local charities and programs benefiting from CMDA support includes the Calgary Homeless Foundation, The Mustard Seed and more. Complete story >

February 10, 2016
John Howard Society halfway house moving to Forest Lawn to make way for Stampede Expansion

The Calgary John Howard Society has secured a new site in the southeast community of Manchester. However, it’s still raising money for the new facility, which will help former offenders re-integrate into society. Complete story >

February 6, 2016
Advocates laud creation of new housing ministry

Housing affordability across all income levels was discussed at a symposium, called Affordability Matters, on Jan. 28, hosted by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association-Alberta (CHBA-AB). Karin Finley discussed the progress the RESOLVE Campaign has made. Complete story >

January 30, 2016
Farmers help to fill freezers of Calgary homeless shelter

On any given night The Mustard Seed serves dinner for 37 to 400 of Calgary’s homeless. Quite often the guests dine on locally-raised beef and chicken, donated by generous local farmers, including Country Lane Farms. Complete story >

January 29, 2016
Shared-equity housing and other programs are creating solutions to the city’s affordable housing crisis

In addition to Calgary Housing Corp., several organizations in the city cater to Calgarians who need access to affordable housing, including INHOUSE Attainable Housing Society, RESOLVE Campaign and Attainable Homes Calgary Corp. Complete story >

January 29, 2016
10 year plan to end homelessness in Calgary

The Calgary Homeless Foundation is 8 years into Calgary’s Plan to End Homelessness. Kevin McNichol, the VP of strategy at CHF discusses the progress being made on the plan. Complete story >

January 23, 2016
Calgary non-profits start to feel pinch of rising food costs

The falling loonie is driving food costs up. The Mustard Seed has noticed the rising cost of food and will require an extra thousand dollars per month when budgeting for food expenditures. Complete story >

January 11, 2016
Alberta’s former PC government rejected $1.4M in drug treatment funding – NDP government says it’s disappointing money to help addicts was ‘left on the table’

Alberta has the highest rate of fentanyl deaths in the country, according the Calgary John Howard Society, which helps people steer clear of a life of crime. Calgary John Howard Society’s assistant executive director Leslie McMechan was disappointed to hear the previous government declined a $1.4 million grant from the federal government that would have helped fund drug treatment programs. Complete story >

January 11, 2016
Relief comes to young indigenous family losing hope in homeless shelter

Elijah moved off of a southern Alberta reserve for the first time nearly three weeks ago with his wife and three children because they couldn’t find work or housing. The family remain in a homeless shelter, after viewing seven apartments and being shut down each time. Complete story >

January 7, 2016
Calgary Homeless Foundation raises concerns over feds counting plan

The head of the Calgary Homeless Foundation said while she’s supportive of the federal government’s plan for a national count of homeless people, there are several problems with the Liberal plan that could lead to inaccurate results. Complete story >

January 6, 2016
Calgary not taking part in federal homeless census

The federal government will follow Alberta’s lead as it prepares to count the homeless across 30 Canadian cities between now and April. Diana Krecsy, President and CEO of the Calgary Homeless Foundation explained that Calgary will not participate in the 2016 federal count for several reasons, including the time of year. Calgary will continue with regular fall counts. Complete story >

January 6, 2016
Temporary overflow shelter for homeless families will remain open until April

A temporary emergency shelter for homeless parents and children opened downtown last January as a year-long solution. A partnership between Inn From the Cold and the Calgary Homeless Foundation made the shelter a reality in order to address the family homelessness. Complete story >

January 4, 2016
Rising number of homeless families spurs plans for new projects

The Mustard Seed is in talks about constructing a building that would provide affordable homes for families, one of the fastest-growing demographics in need. Complete story >

January 1, 2016
Parker: Calgary business leaders again stepped up to support charitable causes

Many Calgarians, including the RESOLVE Campaign’s home builders have stepped up to support charitable causes and solve the issues our city faces. Complete story >

December 26, 2015
TINEPUBLIC raises money for RESOLVE Campaign

The 6th Annual TINEPUBLIC Christmas party drew hundreds of guests to celebrate the company’s continued success and raise money for the RESOLVE Campaign. Complete story >

December 25, 2015
Non-profits excited for details on cash from mayor’s resiliency fund

Mayor Naheed Nenshi’s Community Resiliency Fund is to go towards struggling charities. Non-profits, including The Mustard Seed who would use the money for housing and employment programs, are eager to hear more details about the plan. Complete story >

December 23, 2015
Santa inspires residents at Calgary senior’s centre

Loneliness and isolation is common for many seniors during the holidays. Allen and Harlene Braden, tenants of Silvera for Seniors dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Clause each year to bring cheer to others. Allen was awarded the Inspiring Albertan of the week for the week. Complete story >

December 15, 2015
Committee members lament ‘nothing new’ in housing affordability collective report

The report calls on homeless and housing organizations, the development industry and government to work together on “Calgary-based solutions with blueprints for action” and provide necessary support. Kim O’Brien, executive director for the Horizon Housing Society, said the collective identified considerable gaps in data and identified the need for various organizations to collaborate to build more affordable housing units Complete story >

December 13, 2015
Calgary homeless shelter numbers projected to decrease

The economic downturn has helped the Calgary Homeless Foundation to secure hard to find affordable accommodation for families. Complete story >

December 9, 2015
How data is helping in the fight against homelessness in Calgary

Ronalda Two Young Men and her two grandchildren fell on hard times, and wound up in an emergency homeless shelter. While grateful to avoid the street, they were scared. A shelter is no place to raise kids. But days passed, and Two Young Men couldn’t seem to gather enough money to move out. Days turned to weeks. Complete story >

December 5, 2015
Homeless shelters see increase in patrons with economic downturn

Calgary homeless shelters are looking for more donations as the holidays approach, and as economic woes continue across the province. The Mustard Seed is looking for donations so it can feed its patrons. Complete story >

December 3, 2015
30 Days of Giving Hope Campaign

Mita Adesanya with the Mustard Seed joins Global Calgary with details on their 30 Days of Giving Hope Campaign urging Calgarians to do one thing to help the homeless this Christmas. Complete story >

December 3, 2015
City tests accessibility & releases preparedness guide

The ‘Persons with Disabilities Guide’ was launched as part of The City’s recognition for International Day of Persons with Disabilities. As part of the initiative, Coun. Druh Farrell and other city managers joined Accessible Housing staff to spend time in a wheelchair and take on a disability for the day to try and understand what it is like to get around the city with a disability. Complete story >

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November 30, 2015
Enjoy innovative programs at Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta

There are several success stories since Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta started their new Independent Living Skills (ISL) program, designed to provide short-term support to seniors to maintain their ability to live independently. TPFA is much more than a property management company. It is committed to providing housing, a variety of supports and community partnerships to help seniors maintain independence and their quality of life. Complete story >

November 29, 2015
Five things about affordable housing

Several recent events have highlighted the need for increased awareness for affordable housing in Canada. Along with National Housing Strategy Day, which took place on Nov. 22, 11 local homebuilders and developers were recently recognized for their contributions to the RESOLVE Campaign. Complete story >

November 28, 2015
Philanthropy Flourishes in Calgary

Scores of Calgarians concur with this statement as our beloved city is, on a per-capita basis, one of the most philanthropic cities in North America. And celebrating those who give so much of their time-and treasure- is what Philanthropy Awareness Week 2015, National Philanthropy Day and the Generosity of Spirit Reception were all about. Congratulations to all those who were honoured for their generosity, including RESOLVE’s Visionary Homebuilders on being presented the Outstanding Philanthropic Group Award. Complete story >

November 27, 2015
Calgarians buying into Black Friday

Goldgrass Home in Inglewood put a twist on Black Friday as they featured Plinko in their store for customer discounts and to raise money for the RESOLVE Campaign. Complete story >

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Prelude in Radisson Heights gives Calgarians experiencing homelessness a fresh start New permanent supportive housing development provides support and stability for 23 vulnerable Calgarians – May 16, 2017

161 New Affordable Homes for Calgarians in Need Horizon Housing partners with Government of Alberta, donors and community to break ground on more affordable housing for Calgary’s most vulnerable – April 27, 2017

Aurora on the Park, permanent supportive housing for 25 formerly homeless and vulnerable Calgarians, is now ready to open its doors

Providence House, an affordable rental home with supports for 24 formerly homeless and vulnerable women in Calgary, is now ready to open its doors – Sept. 29, 2016

Zurich commits funding to help house Calgary’s chronically homeless – Sept. 12, 2016

Collaboration leads to 45 new affordable homes for Calgarians with limited mobility – Sept. 8, 2016

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Students spread joy with Christmas cards and letters to seniors – Dec. 12, 2014

Helping veterans find a place to call home, Madison place provides lifeline – Nov. 10, 2015

RESOLVE donors honoured for generosity – David Bissett named Lifetime Philanthropist – Nov. 5, 2014