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“The Government of Alberta has made a financial commitment to affordable housing and it is integral that we leverage this support. The economic impact that the increase in affordable housing has on the community is immense. Donating to this initative is the right thing to do.”
– Alan Norris President and CEO, Brookfield Residential Properties
“As a partner in the homeless serving sector, I see daily the people in Calgary who are homeless or at risk of being homeless. RESOLVE is about creating the proper support system through Housing First. Breaking the cycle of homelessness is a matter of assistance rather than enforcement. Our public services are strained because they can’t provide what people need most to get back on their feet – a permanent place to call home.”
– Trevor Daroux Deputy Chief, Calgary Police Service
“Ending homelessness is critical. We need to effectively bridge the gap for vulnerable young people who may otherwise remain at risk of or experiencing homelessness into their adulthood. If we don’t find a solution to homelessness, the cost to society will remain constant. The cost of homelessness is $100,000 per year per person to help those that require high-need support. That works out to $1 million over 10 years! Be part of the solution.”
– Stephanie Felesky Community Leader
“Calgary’s Plan to End Homelessness is near and dear to my heart. Solving homelessness by providing affordable housing is one important piece of that plan. It makes great economic sense for this city to adopt Housing First. The RESOLVE Campaign warrants your attention to help solve homelessness.”
– Jim Gray Chairman Energy, Brookfield Asset Management
“Ending Homelessness is an incredibly ambitious goal, but the RESOLVE Campaign’s collaborative approach is going to be transformative in its impact.”
– Ken King President and CEO, Calgary Flames
“Solving grand social and professional issues is a hallmark of Calgary and the enduring strength of our city comes from people who call it ‘home.’ As a lifelong educator who understands the power of collaboration, it is an honour to join RESOLVE to ensure everyone calling Calgary ‘home’ has a home to go to.”
– Grit McCreath Community Leader
“The RESOLVE Campaign is a unique opportunity to work together to address one of the biggest issues facing Calgary’s homeless — the lack of affordable housing. I am confident our community will rally behind our shared vision to resolve this problem and thereby improve the quality of life in our city for our homeless and for everyone.”
– Ann McCaig Chair, Calgary Stampede Foundation
“With so many worthy charities in Calgary attempting to secure support from the donor community, periodic collaboration is the answer. This unique partnership presents a compelling case for philanthropic support; the combined agencies will achieve reduced fundraising costs and minimize donor fatigue. The RESOLVE Campaign’s simple message to the community is powerful… We are working together to create a solution to homelessness… Collaboration removes unnecessary costs and ensures funds raised are directed to the projects prioritized by the agencies engaged in the pursuit of solving homelessness.”
– Bill Sembo (Retired) Vice-Chairman, RBC Capital Markets
“We have been building in the Calgary community for over 30 years, and I was aware of the issue of homelessness, but I had no idea of the depth and types of homelessness – from the working homeless, to the chronically homeless and even families… and that’s just a start! Now that I’m fully aware, I am committed ‘big-time’ to this cause. This is our community!”
– Jay Westman Chairman, Jayman MasterBUILT
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