Every Calgarian Deserves a Place to Call Home

RESOLVE is a partnership of nine established, experienced and respected Calgary social service agencies that have come together along with government with a single one-time goal: create affordable rental housing, with supports, for up to 3,000 vulnerable and homeless Calgarians.


The power to end the affordable housing crisis in Calgary is in your hands. Resolve to get involved – and make a tangible difference to our city.

Our goal is to build the homes needed to help push Calgary’s Plan to End Homelessness over the finish line.

The Government has made unprecedented investments toward building affordable rental homes for Calgary’s homeless and vulnerable population. Now it’s our turn –it’s time for our community leaders and organizations to step forward with the same level of commitment and resolve.

We’re doing this because it makes good sense – both socially and economically.

The Housing First Model has been proven to be effective in addressing the root causes of homelessness while providing significant savings in other social costs. By reducing the use of healthcare, police, emergency services, the justice system and corrections, it costs the community $34,000 less per homeless person a year to provide housing with supports.

This level of collaboration is a first for Calgary – and a first for Canada.

RESOLVE’s sole purpose is to create the housing infrastructure that will provide stability and security. Our Partner agencies can then focus on providing support to help homeless and at-risk Calgarians work toward rebuilding their lives.

Our core values

Collaborative: Collaborating to find the best possible way to reach our goal by sharing ideas and skills and working with our volunteers, donors and Partners.

Passionate: Knowing and believing that we can create meaningful change in Calgary and that every Calgarian has value and deserves a place to call home, regardless of what led them to homelessness.

Accountable: Being an active participant in the success of RESOLVE and taking on our individual tasks that, together, work towards our goal, and doing them to the best of our ability.

Fun: Recognizing that our team is most effective and successful when we are enjoying our work environment, building strong relationships and having fun.

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